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    a popular gif/gifset was made from the happy ending of this one. enjoy the whole hot thing here


    I love seeing girls with natural, voluptuous bodies like this. She rides him with ease and looks hot as hell doing so.

    someone wanted the actress’s name. i ran across her somewhere else (she’s well known, lotsa vids) …and now forget!   reposting as reminder to look her up again ;) so enjoy, again - like  these two did when they made this


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    hmm.. not that wet, but I think Ima change before bed just in case! 

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    Mmmmm very nice!!!!!

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  6. eridrikit:

    I was an adventurous diaperboy today!  The moment you pull down your pants in a wide, open area, the feeling of exposure is so damn overwhelming.  I could barely get these pictures before I had to tug my pants up and waddle my way home >//>

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    Daddy said we could start without him

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    Female Body Perfection 👙